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Medium Thumb Cut Ball 4" - CK0004
Small Swirl Cut Ball 3" - CK0009
Large Swirl Cut Ball 5" - CK0011
Reindeer Wooden Décor - FM0003
Medium Silver Pear Ornament 10cmDiax18cmH - HK0034
Large Tribal Wooden Ball - HK0196
Large Oval Centrepiece Plate - OH0467
Life Ring Cafe De Paris 80cmDi - CF0168
Small Thumb Cut Ball 3" - CK0003
Medium Melon Cut Ball 4" - CK0007
Large Melon Cut Ball 5" - CK0008
Small Wing Cut Glass Ball 3" - CK0022
Medium Wing Cut Glass Ball 4" - CK0023
Large Wing Cut Glass Ball 5" - CK0024
Small Half Circle Glass Paper Weight - CK0029
Medium Half Circle Glass Paper Weight - CK0030
Triangle Paper Glass Weight - CK0032
Small Half Circle Rib Glass Paper Weight - CK0034
Medium Half Circle Rib Glass Paper Weight - CK0035
Small Fish Wooden Décor - FM0001
Large Fish Wooden Décor - FM0002
Large Artichoke Wooden Décor - FM0004
Small Artichoke Wooden Décor - FM0005
Large marbled Egg - GB0007
Small Silver Pear Ornament 8cmDiax15cmH - HK0031
Gold Apple Ornament 9cmDiax11cmH - HK0032
Large Gold Pear Ornament 12cmDiax23cmH - HK0033
Large White Pear Ornament 12cmDiax24cmH - HK0035
Zebra Looking Down - HK0194
Zebra Looking Up - HK0195
Stylised Large Rabbit Sleeping - JA0006
Stylised Small Rabbit Sleeping - JA0007
SET 2 Sitting Baz The Bull Dog - JC0338
SET 2 Standing Beau Bull Dog 8 - JC0339
Iris Small Square Teal Blue Bottle - JM0035
Iris Small Oval Teal Blue Bottle - JM0036
Iris Small Round Teal Blue Bottle - JM0037
Iri Bronze Glass Jar with Lid - JM0041
Iri Bronze Small Glass Jar with Lid - JM0042
Set 2 Sitting Scottie Dogs 15cmH/11cmH - LC0508
Flat Urn Base Brushed Silver Small 38cmHx29cmLx10.5cmDeep - OH0117
Flat Urn Base Brushed Silver Medium 48.5cmHx38cmLx13cmDeep - OH0118
Flat Urn Base Brushed Silver Large 62cmHx48cmLx16.5cmDeep - OH0119
Small Elephant Wine Cooler - OH0324
Large Copper Bell Vase - OH0476
Large Copper Egg - OH0489
Medium Copper Egg - OH0490
Small Copper Egg - OH0491
Large White Mat Ball - OH0569
Medium White Matt Ball - OH0570

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