Pottery Tagine

Barcode: 9420016489681
From the Andes of Columbia comes the unique, versatile and organic La Chamba cookware.  Whether you are a gourmet chef or prefer simple fare, La Chamba will offer you years of cooking and serving pleasure.  This traditional South American cookware has been used for food preparation, cooking and eating for centuries, and the origins can be traced back over 700 years to vases and pitchers found in archaeological sites.


FeaturesCan be heated up to 600 degrees celius (conf by NZ)
CompositionLa Chamba is made from coarse dark grey clay with a glazed terracotta finish.   The surface is polished with semi-precious stones that give each piece its natural patina and each piece is traditionally moulded by hand to ensure its uniqueness. Slight variations in size and colour is typical of handcrafted product.


CareHandwash with mild detergent.